My 22nd birthday present


I’ve wanted a sewing machine for years now but never saved up the funds for one or successfully managed to convince anyone to get me one. I finally just decided to ask my mom for one for my 22nd birthday and just assumed that she was going to get me one. I then started amassing a stash of fabrics and sewing books in anticipation for my machine.

My birthday week came and she told me “no, we got you something else” and I was so upset, which is strange considering I have paychecks that can totally be converted into sewing machines. My friend, Chancey, took mercy on my poor soul and shipped me one for my birthday and we’ve been in love ever since 😀 (the sewing machine and I, that is.)

I’ve done a few basic projects, such as bowties and an apron, and my friend Nadia suggested that I start a sewing blog to track my progress so here I am, two months into my sewing journey and still trying to get a hang of what the heck I’m doing.

I’ve decided to hold off on any new projects until after the sewing class I’ve signed up for at City Craft, a local fabric store in nearby Dallas, TX. (I’ve signed up for their Get Sewing! Beginner Basics class) I’ll let you know how it goes!