My first dress!

I know it’s been forever since I last posted and I am so so sorry! I need to get into the habit of blogging right away when I finish making something because that’s what I really want this blog to be for: a way for me to keep track of my sewing progress. Can’t do that if I never post anything! Anyway, I decided to try my hand at making Kitschy Coo’s Lady Skater dress ¬†( as my first dress ever. I don’t know how bright of an idea that was, because the dress requires knit fabric and I’m very much a newbie. It was frustrating and challenging to try to handle that much stretchy fabric while I had no idea what I was doing and was really just blindly following the pattern. I REALLY should’ve made a muslin of it first because then I would’ve realized that the bodice and arms were too big. I’m not sure if it’s because I took my measurements wrong or maybe am just shaped differently but the top was way too loose in the armpit area.


I ended up going full derp and just sewing up a little triangle and calling it a day >.> I UNDERSTAND THAT THAT’S NOT HOW PROS DO IT. But I’m new so we’re just going to shhhhh, ok?


I don’t think that the effect ended up being too-too bad… but what do I know? Let me know what you think. OH! And I’m not sure if you can tell but the shoulders are wayyyy too wide for me, I am constantly adjusting it whenever I wear it so it doesn’t do some sort of off-shoulder thing. My aunt tells me I can fix that with some clear elastic along the neckline but I don’t know how to get my hands on any clear elastic.

Speaking of clear elastic, the inside waistband is supposed to have clear elastic but the lady at Golden D’or said they didn’t sell any so I made do with what they had.


Also, my stitching was terrible >.> I don’t have a serger so I just used a zigzag stitch and (in my humble opinion) the dress looks really kickass on the outside (!!) but just awful on the inside. But it’s ok because no one will ever see the inside, paha!


How the dress looks! Please ignore my dirty mirror and messy room. I promise that it’s clean right now ūüôā Just not in the picture. I really need to get a better camera… Oh well.


Dress forms

I understand that I’m not anywhere near the skill level where I’ll really NEED a dress form but I would like to start trying to make dresses and skirts as soon as possible. Part of the reason I wanted to learn how to sew was because none of the store-bought dresses fit my chest. They’re all reasonably modest on regular chested girls but I look like a hooker when I wear them. I tried to convince myself that it doesn’t matter what other people think and I shouldn’t be ashamed of my body but I’m tired of the judgmental looks I get from women and the leers I get from men. I’m not a hoochie, I just can’t find dresses that fit in the chest!! You know what, who cares if I was a hoochie?? People just need to stop being jerks. But the world isn’t going to change any time soon so I need to make myself some better fitting dresses.¬†

I’m undecided whether I should get one of these¬†Image¬†dress forms which I think look a little fancier but aren’t adjustable or if I should get an adjustable form¬†Image¬†that isn’t as¬†aesthetically¬†pleasing but will be a lot more useful because I can adjust it to my measurements. I really can’t justify prioritizing looks for utility, so I’ll probably end up getting the second one. But for now I can just make my own dress form out of duct tape!! I think I’ll just do that…¬†

Also, I kind of want to put off making dresses until I’ve lost a bit of weight. I’ve been working out a lot lately on the elliptical my mom just bought but I haven’t been adjusting my eating habits and dieting is like 70% of weight loss. I seriously need to get my shit together.¬†

My first few projects

I want guys to wear bow ties so badly and sometime this last spring I finally convinced Austin to buy one. Only problem was that when we went to Macy’s to pick out a few ties I found out that they’re $40. Ugh, why do you have to ruin my dreams, Macy’s?!

This is what inspired me to make bow ties a priority when I finally got my sewing machine ūüėÄ The first one was horrible, I had a stash of all types of fabric but no interfacing so I convinced myself that was a completely unnecessary step that people made up just to be difficult. The bowtie ended up a floppy disaster, of course, so there’s a lesson learned right there.

Second tie ended up too thick around the neck part but the third one was a success! I made that hat in the background, too. I made it out of a starry fat quarter and I think it turned out rather well. The curves aren’t exactly perfect,IMAG0146 I need to figure out how to make the ends pointier, and the middle stitching part needs some work to look presentable wonky join¬†but overall, I’m happy with this project.

Before I started the fourth bowtie, I made sure to Google how to get pointier ends and smoother curves and I discovered clipping corners and pressing seams. I’ll post pictures of those processes some other time but it really made all the difference.¬†look at those curves!¬†IMAG0148

Note: I’m not sure how to make my pictures bigger on this blog thing. I know the files are bigger than this so what gives?

I have a ton of fabric to make more ties but, like I said in my earlier post, I’m putting off making any more projects until after my lesson at City Craft. My tension is all wonky and I didn’t consult any books to get down my technique, so that’s probably all messed up too. I definitely don’t want to get into the habit of doing things the incorrect way. I really miss sewing, though, (had to schedule it two weeks in advanced) so I really really really can’t wait for my class!!

Excited to get back in the game,


My 22nd birthday present


I’ve wanted a sewing machine for years now but never saved up the funds for one or successfully managed to convince anyone to get me one. I finally just decided to ask my mom for one for my 22nd birthday and just assumed that she was going to get me one. I then started amassing a stash of fabrics and sewing books in anticipation for my machine.

My birthday week came and she told me “no, we got you something else” and I was so upset, which is strange considering I have paychecks that can totally be converted into sewing machines. My friend, Chancey, took mercy on my poor soul and shipped me one for my birthday and we’ve been in love ever since ūüėÄ (the sewing machine and I, that is.)

I’ve done a few basic projects, such as bowties and an apron, and my friend Nadia suggested that I start a sewing blog to track my progress so here I am, two months into my sewing journey and still trying to get a hang of what the heck I’m doing.

I’ve decided to hold off on any new projects until after the sewing class I’ve signed up for at City Craft, a local fabric store in nearby Dallas, TX. (I’ve signed up for their Get Sewing! Beginner Basics class) I’ll let you know how it goes!